Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Relax and Receive

woke up this morning inspired to remember these two words...




they go hand in hand.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love is all around us.

i posted this pic on my FB yesterday with the following caption:

"i found love on the beach today."

it had the most "likes" of any picture i've posted recently, so i wanted to pass it along here as well.

underneath the pic, my friend jerry commented that love is everywhere we look.

just goes to show how much we appreciate nature reflecting back to us that yes, love is indeed all around us!

It's Not about Doing Anything.

Just to be clear...

Make Your Life Come True is not about DOING Anything.

Actually, it's about a new paradigm.

It's about the paradigm where the Making has nothing to do with the Doing.

The Making is the BEING.

It's the Intention that is created deep within you to be YOU, whatever that means, for you.

We are ALL SO UNIQUE! And while yes, we are all ONE and made up of the same stuff, I believe we are also SO complex, and thus each intricately designed to live out our own unique purpose.

I celebrate that.

For me, the making my life come true, is about surrendering to my higher power, surrendering to love, surrendering to my own personal truth. THAT is what "makes" my life come true.

Not...pounding the pavement to make things happen externally. Though, that could be the way for some, and has definitely been the case for me in the past, and that's ok.

Not...forcing my will upon a situation to ensure I've done everything my mind has conjured up to make it happen. Though, again, great for some people, just not for me!

These are just some of distinctions I have made for myself.

What are your operating mechanisms?
How do you listen?
To what do you surrender?
Do you allow yourself to stop DOING and just BE, if only for 5 minutes a day?

It's in these answers that a shift in perspective can occur, where your consciousness can expand beyond your own existing and conditioned walls...further than you ever thought you could go.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Did you know that...

YOU are an artist?
YOU are the fantasy?
And your life IS the dream?

Its true. It doesn't get any better than you...or this.

Nothing you seek is outside yourself, and there really is nothing to obtain.

I've been learning so much about this lately, as I've taken a lot of time to SIT and BE.

As a result, the dust I'd kicked up in my life these past few years is finally beginning to settle...and, woah, has that been a lot to take in.

So, I'm passing off some of my messages here from my journey in this blog I've entitled "Make Your Life Come True" which is something I saw on a greeting card a few months ago and thought to myself...YES! That makes sense.

It actually reminds me of this quote by Carl Jung I heard today:

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

Having always coined myself a "dreamer," I have realized over these past few years that my dreams were actually a perspective that kept me outside of myself. I started to make the distinction that looking INSIDE allows me to be AWAKE inside the dream, to really create it from within.

That had been a huge revelation.

I remember when my dream of making my first album came true. It was actually very anti-climactic. It almost felt like a let down. Like, once I finally got there, the expectation I'd built around that dreamed-of moment was not as fulfilling as I'd imagined.

I know, sad right? But, human I'm pretty sure.

It just showed me that I'd been relating to that moment like some "place" i had to reach, when really, it was ALWAYS inside of me, I'd ALREADY reached it all along.

After realizing this - that was when the true satisfaction could be experienced.

And now, 2 and a half years after that album was released, I still feel such a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that those songs were created and brought into the world in such a beautiful and honest way.

So, our lives ARE the DREAM. There is no place we must get to. There is only THIS moment and what we are going to make of it...how are we going to paint it?!

I mean, we've all got the most colorful, abundant and beautiful palettes to paint our lives with here. We can all paint our own radiant life...and watch as it forms before our very eyes...no matter where we live or what we do, or who we think we are.

And we can ask, every day, for our hands to be guided by that which is bigger than us, that which knows exactly how to move through us to best serve our purpose in this life.

We can surrender to the muse, the divine hand, our higher power, or whatever you want to call it...

paint our lives with our love, with our gifts, and our truth.

And together we'll paint one big beautiful canvas across this earth, watching our universal life come true...like one big Masterpeace.

I've always loved that each day is another chance to remember to put my brush in my hand and pray for the divine inspiration, the love, and the extraordinary, rich colors of life to come pouring through into the moments.

And its A LOT to remember sometimes...actually, its a lot to remember MOST of the time. But...its getting easier and easier to remember with each new day.

So, my friends, would you join me in moving into this new age as the artists we ALL ARE!?

Let's create a Masterpeace together.
Let's make our lives come true.